Owner & Operator of Brisbane North Barbell.

Business started Feb 2014. Gym opened Sep 2014.


Competitive Strongman (2014 - Present)

Competitive Powerlifter with Powerlifting Australia (2014 - Present)

Ranked 3rd in Australia for Powerlifting Australia's Raw 120+kg class for 2014 (link)

331kg Australian deadlift record for Powerlifting Australia Raw 120+kg class (link)


Best raw training lifts to Powerlifting Australia standards:

280kg squat (link)

165kg paused bench press (link)

320kg deadlift (link)

at 125kg bodyweight.


Best raw lifts in sanctioned Powerlifting Australia meets:

290kg squat (link)

162.5kg bench press (link)

331kg deadlift (Australian record for 120+kg weight class, link)




International Powerlifting Federation world championships in Salo, Finland - Raw 120+kg class - ?

(?kg SQ, ?kg BP, ?kg DL, ?kg TTL, ?kg BW, ? WILKS)

QLD Strongman round 1 - Men's Division 1 - ?


Coached lifters at Strength Sports Open, hosted by Strength Sports Gym

ISF 2015 Scenic Rim (QLD) Strongman/Woman Competition - Men's Advanced division - ?

Organised and ran the BNB 2015 Strongman Round 1 at Brisbane North Barbell


Powerlifting Australia National Championships - Raw 120+kg Class - 2nd Place

(290kg SQ, 162.5kg BP, 331kg DL, 783.5kg TTL, 125.05kg BW, 446.44 WILKS)


QLD Strongman round 1 - Men's Division 1 - 1st Place (link)

Coached 5 lifters at Iron Fest III, hosted by Iron Underground (link)


Queensland Cup - Raw 120+kg Class - 1st Place

(262.5kg SQ, 150kg BP, 300kg DL, 712.5kg TTL, 123.1kg BW, 407.34 WILKS)


Organised and ran the BNB Clash of the Strongmen competition at Brisbane North Barbell




Organised and ran the BNB Beginner's Strongman Competition at Brisbane North Barbell

Organised and ran the BNB Beginner's Powerlifting Competition at Brisbane North Barbell


Summer UQ Novice II - Raw 120+kg Class - 1st Place (link)

(270kg SQ, 157.5kg BP, 312.5kg DL, 740kg TTL, 123.1kg BW, 423.06 WILKS)

Gold Coast Strongman Challenge - Men's 105+kg Division - 2nd Place (link)


Strength Quest strongman grading event - >105kg grade B achieved (link)

Brisbane Fitness & Health Expo Strongest Man - 6th Place


QLD Strongman Round 3 - Men's Division 3 - 3rd Place


Strength Sports Gym QLD Cup - Raw 120kg Class - 2nd Place

(230kg SQ, 140kg BP, 295kg DL, 665kg TTL, 117.5kg BW, 384.24 WILKS)


QLD Strongman Round 2 - Novice Men's Division - 1st Place


Strength Sports Gym Challenge - Raw 120+kg Class - 1st Place

(230kg SQ, 135kg BP, 285kg DL, 650kg TTL, 121.35kg BW, 372.78 WILKS)


UQ Summer Novice - Raw 120kg Class - 3rd Place

(220kg SQ, 130kg BP, 277.5kg DL, 627.5kg TTL, 115.5kg BW, 364.20 WILKS)