"Leg day" for females...

July 17, 2015


So, let's talk about one of my pet hates, "leg day" for females. If you're a female looking to improve your legs and butt then training legs once per week just won't cut it.


Sure, some hardcore individuals train bodyparts once per week but this is usually some epic 2-3 hour session plus a superb diet, tonnes of supplements and maybe some pharmaceutical assistance.


For everybody else, do you really think some half assed 45min session consisting of half depth squats, followed by some leg press, leg extensions and hammy curls once per week is going to yield any significant progress? No, it won't. Neither will BodyPump, BodyGrit or any of those group classes where the weights are light and the squats are high.


I've grabbed 4 random pics from a google search of "leg day female". I can guarantee you that not one of those females performs bodyweight squats or does those stupid '30 day squat challenge' you see on social media. These chicks would be busting their asses with tough, heavy, weight resistance training sessions several times per week.


I'm not a female but I can squat 300kg which is more than most people. I've also added close to 100kg to my squat over the past 2 years, drug-free, so hopefully I know a little about training legs. Let's look at 3 BNB females. While I don't have any fancy before and after photos I do have numbers. Unlike photos, numbers don't lie:


1. This female currently trains legs every day. She squats 6 days a week plus 1 deadlift session and there's a variety of other exercises in there as well. She has added +30kg to her squat and +50kg to her deadlift over the past 8 months.

2. This female has benefited more greatly from "beginner gains" with +65kg to her squat and +55kg to her deadlift over the past 8 months.

3. Despite a crazy uni schedule this female has added +35kg to her squat and +35kg to her deadlift over the past 8 months.


Each of the females above currently trains squats or deadlifts every time they are in the gym. While increasing your squat or deadlift might not look or sound sexy I can guarantee you that each one of these females has increased muscle mass in their legs and butt while simultaneously increasing strength. Has this made them look "bulky" or "manly"? Absolutely not. An increase in muscle mass is a good thing and is half of what "toning" is all about (the other half being reduce body fat via diet).


So, take away points...
1. Start training legs more than once per week and your track progress. 
2. If your squat or deadlift numbers aren't increasing then I doubt you're achieving any real results.
3. If you're a female and can't squat 60kg or deadlift 100kg then you really need to do something about that ASAP...


I offer training programs, online coaching, PT sessions and BNB memberships all of which can help!


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"Leg day" for females...

July 17, 2015

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