These are local and online businesses that sponsor Dave Napper and/or Brisbane North Barbell and their members. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss working together. 

           Beast Genetics


Suppliers of quality training equipment for strongman and/or powerlifting including a range of IPF approved belts & soft suits. Dave Napper wore a 10mm Beast Genetics lever belt during his 320kg squat, 185kg bench press and 331kg deadlift.


           Bulk Nutrients

Australian manufacturers of quality protein powders, amino acids and preworkout supplements. Top quality, extensive range of products and unbeatable prices. Has been Dave Napper's brand of protein and amino acids for the past 5 years. Follow http://bulk.li/dave for a discount when shopping online.


           Again Faster


Again Faster is located less than 2 minutes drive from BNB and sells a variety of olympic weightlifting shoes as well as quality training equipment. Mention Dave from BNB for a discount!

Link or call 1300 663 492

           Dr. Richard Chiropractic


Local chiropractor in Brendale and less than 5 minutes drive from BNB. Dr Richard has been treating Dave Napper since 2014 and has helped him overcome a number of complaints. 

Link or call 07 3198 4111