Real testimonials from real members and clients.


Hardcore gym. No frills, no selfies, no canvas shoes, and no dieting for stereosonic. My kind of gym.​"

-Arron C


Been training at the gym for a while and love it!! No muscle tanks or fluro shorty shorts, just lifting with awesome people! Always someone to check your form to keep reaching goals.​"

-Kelly M


"Awesome new gym and equipment! Great atmosphere."

-Ben F


"Quality set up and equipment."

-Matt N


"Great gym. Everything you need, nothing you don't."

-Declan B


"Best training environment I've experienced."

-Dave W


"The real deal!!"

-Joey H


"Friendly service and a fantastic environment that encourages progress."

-Trent R


"Love the environment, has the equipment to meet my needs and the support and direction iv gotten to increase my weights, is top form! Love it!!!"

-Sara D


"First time training here with Dave and it was certainly awesome! Top bloke with a heap of valuable experience to pass on, quality session and will definitely be back for more. Good vibe in the gym aswell with a lot of positive encourage with other members. Supreme."

-Shae J


"Experienced my first powerlifting comp here, great setup , welcoming and supportive."

-Colleen H


"Great Gym, attended the first beginner competition for power lifting. Great introduction to the sport and what a great atmosphere the Gym has! It has a real approachable environment to anyone who is abit nervous. Dave the owner is a great no bullshit approach guy to training and his gym."

-Jansen D


"Great strength training gym with loads of powerlifting and strongman equipment. Great atmosphere and very welcoming as well as offering lots of knowledge and advice. Definitely the best gym in the moreton bay region :)"

-Adam W


"Had a great experience @ this training facility, Dave keep up the awesome work, your a top guy man. It really shows that you live and breathe this..."

-Tyrone E


"Best gym I have ever been to. Awesome support & fast results. A real gym environment!!"

-Adam P


"Awesome support, expert advice and everyone is for everyone."

-Kylie P


"Awesome gym and great atmosphere! Always encouraged to go harder and heavier and help us there when you need."

-Sian S


"Just fantastic, not a treadmill in sight but weights, racks and barbells everywhere and everyone is so friendly!"

-Peter T


"Dave has been my online powerlifting coach for the last 9 months and I'm extremely happy with the service he provides. Fast to respond to any concerns I have with my progress from my program and with lots of feed back. With Dave's coaching I've been able to achieve a 1st at a local meet and a 3rd for M1 at Jnr and Masters Nationals in Melbourne last year.
And while on holidays in Brisbane this weeks I was able to do my training at BnB,and was really happy with the gym. Everything I needed to train with was there,Trainers on hand to help and members friendly and welcoming. Just loved it."

-Libby F


"The owner Dave is very passionate about his job and gets excited when you get a new P.B and reach goals, everyone is really friendly and supportive great atmosphere. Love coming here."

-James N


"Great gym and top bloke. Make sure you stop in say hi to Dave, he'll look after you."

-Hugh B


"Only been here for a month and I already feel at home. Awesome hardcore training environment, great support and motivation from members and Dave himself. If you wanna hit PBs left, right and centre....this gym is for you!"

-Joff B


"Great place with friendly people. Awesome to train at!"

-Sara P


"I've only been at BNB for just under two months and I've received ridiculous amounts of support from not only Dave himself but also BNB members. I've been to plenty of other commercial gyms in the past and none of them compare to this one. Dave is my favourite Powerlifter."

-Madee P


"More than just a gym, supportive atmosphere and a great place to train!"

-Joe B


"Great gym!! I transferred here only 2 weeks ago and already have learnt so much and feeling stronger! The atmosphere of this place amazes me every day. In 2 weeks I feel like I have been there for years. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. Dave does an awsome job working with everyone's individual needs and giving guidance and direction when needed. Can not recommended enough!"

-Toni B


"First timer today, trained with Dave and he is absolutely excellent and full of knowledge! Really helped me with my squat and deadlift! So many weights and loved the atmosphere! Everyone was very friendly and would advise others to go give this place a try, breath of fresh air from a commercial gym."

-Olivia C


"The gym is awesome, everyone is super friendly and helpful."

-Sam K


"This place is great. Great head coach/owner, great equipment, great atmosphere and most important it's great as I hit personal bests here!"

-Matt L


"Great strength gym !! Would train here if I lived closer, highly recommend !!"

-Alana C