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2023 Strongman Competitions


  • Round 1 - 25/3 - results here

  • Round 2 - 22/7 - registrations open

  • Round 3 - 18/11 - registrations open

  • $75 per round (plus Eventbrite fees). Competitors receive a free competition shirt each round as part of their entry fee. Competitors are welcome to enter any round as they wish (you don't need to do rounds 1 or 2 in order to do round 3 for example). 1st, 2nd & 3rd place medals for each round plus overall trophies awarded at the end of the 3 rounds for points accumulated over the year. Spectators welcome, no cost to watch.


  • Juniors (J) - Male & female competitors under 18 years.

  • Masters Women (MW) - Female competitors aged 40+ years.

  • Novice Women (NW) - Female competitors aged 18-40 years. 

  • Women Div 1 (W1) - More experienced and/or stronger female competitors. 

  • Masters Men (MM) - Male competitors aged 40+ years.

  • Novice Men (NM) - Male competitors aged 18-40 years. 

  • Men Div 2 (M2) - More experienced and/or stronger male competitors. 

  • Men Div 1 (M1) - If Men Div 2 isn't heavy enough for you, then this is the Div for you!


Round 2, 22/7:

  • Trap bar deadlift for reps, AMRAP, 60sec
    No sumo, must wait for down call, straps allowed (and to be done up during 60sec time limit), dropped reps don't count, hitching allowed. Trap bar pickup height is 40cm compared to 22.5cm pickup height for a regular barbell. This means the trap bar is approximately 7 inches higher than a usual barbell deadlift pickup height making for a decreased ROM and easier to lift more weight! 
    J 70kg
    MW 100kg
    NW 120kg
    W1 140kg
    MM 170kg 
    NM 170kg
    M2 220kg 
    M1 250kg


  • Sandbag to shoulder, head to head, AMRAP, 60sec
    Must wait for the down call, dropped reps allowed, sandbag to start upright for each competitor then pushed forwards upon receiving the "go" call, will be run in a head to head style whenever possible. 

    J 45kg
    MW 45kg
    NW 45kg
    W1 60kg
    MM 60kg
    NM 60kg
    M2 80kg
    M1 100kg

  • Sled drag, 2x10m, 60sec
    To be pulled backwards using a handle.
    J 50kg
    MW 50kg
    NW 50kg
    W1 75kg
    MM 75kg 
    NM 75kg
    M2 100kg
    M1 125kg


  • Stone over 1.2m yoke for reps, AMRAP, 60sec
    Tacky allowed (and recommended). No chalk allowed with stones.
    J 50kg
    MW 60kg
    NW 70kg
    W1 85kg
    MM 105kg
    NM 105kg
    M2 125kg
    M1 145kg

​​Round 3, 18/11:

  • Deadlift with deadlift bar, head to head

  • Axel bar clean and press, head to head

  • Yoke

  • Rising bar atlas stone over yoke


Competitor order:

  • Event 1 will go in reverse order of payment (first to pay means last to compete in their division for event 1).

  • Events 2 and 3 will go in reverse order of previous event placing (eg win event 1 to go last in event 2).

  • Event 4 will go in order of reverse order of subtotal/overall score (if you're currently winning leading into event 4, you'll go last in event 4). 

* (Events/weights are subject to change/tweaks)

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