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BNB Gym Rules

1.    Respect: Respect fellow members and their personal property. Respect the gym equipment and return all equipment once done. When using dumbbells or cable machines please put weights down as softly as possible to avoid damaging them. Share equipment whenever possible between sets and avoid using multiple pieces of equipment during peak hours. Bring any issues with the gym, gym equipment, members, coaching or programming immediately & directly to the attention of the owner.

2.    Etiquette: Say hi to your fellow members when entering the gym & bye when leaving. Please introduce yourself to new members and make them feel welcome. Try to avoid walking in front of, or adjacent to, members during a set whenever possible and be wary of phones recording sets. Don’t interrupt during sets or ask somebody what the weight is before they attempt a heavy set / PB attempt. No ‘human centipedes’ during deadlifts / barbell rows. Please wait for somebody to finish lifting before you lift behind or in front of them. No issues with side by side deadlifts. No gloves or chewing gum while training


3.    Safety: Use collars for working weights, *always* set face savers when benching and lower squat safety rails (height 31) once finished.


4.    Phones: Set phones to silent while training, take calls outside and watch videos through headphones rather than phone speakers.  


5.    Drinks/Supplements/Food: Pay for all items *before* taking them & don't eat inside the gym. You are responsible for cleaning up any mess you make inside the gym.


6.    Fans: Don't move the fan bases (rotating the heads is fine) and if you switch a fan on, please switch it off once you leave the area unless somebody else takes fan responsibility.


7.    Water: Bring your own water bottle to fill from the gym's water coolers while training. If you don’t have a bottle, BNB sells bottled water for $2. No sipping water from the water coolers.  


8.    Chalk: Keep chalk within chalk bowls, try not to break blocks of chalk and no chalk when using atlas stones.


9.    Plates: Face the first calibrated plate inwards on the barbells as well as racks (rest of plates face outwards), and ensure you only use 1 of each plate type from the power racks (excluding 25kgs) to leave plates for other members. Please leave a finger space between the outer two plates on the rack to make grabbing the outside plate easier & more efficient.


10. Bags/training equipment: Place bags in storage cubes for temporary storage and keep the gym floor & walk ways as clutter-free as possible. Lockers are available for permanent storage for $1/wk. 


11. Toilets: Turn off toilet lights when once finished and keep the doors open.


12. Parking: Avoid parking within the 6 car parks marked with green lines either side regardless of the day/time as they’re reserved for adjacent tenants.


13. Spotters: Get spotters for heavy squats, bench press & overhead work.


14. Samtek training platforms: These are for competition lifters, group coaching or members who require 'racks in' to squat. Please prioritise lifters closer to competition and don't take all day if somebody is waiting for a combo rack. Please lower face savers to #1 when squatting. There are no safetys for squats so please ensure spotters for all working sets!


15. Competition platform: The competition platform and Samtek competition equipment is strictly off limits without explicit prior approval. 

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