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Strength, Conditioning, Nutrition, Powerlifting and Strongman


Welcome to Brisbane North Barbell

Brisbane North Barbell (BNB) is owned and operated by Dave Napper and is located in Brendale, QLD, just 5 mins drive from the Bruce Highway or a quick walk from Strathpine train station.


If you're sick of overcrowded commercial gyms, large group fitness classes with no focus on technique or just want a supportive gym environment where you can train hard and get stronger, then BNB has you covered.


BNB welcomes everybody, no matter their age, gender or lifting experience, all I ask is that you be prepared to train hard in order to achieve results!


Results Focused Training

Train hard and make gains!

BNB is all about helping others achieve their training goals.

Supportive & Friendly Gym Environment 

What We Do

What we do

The Gym

BNB offers an unrivalled range of powerlifting & strongman equipment including 6x power racks, 6x bench presses, plenty of bars for deadlifts and the biggest range of strongman equipment in Brisbane!

The Owner

BNB is 100% owned and operated by Dave Napper who is qualified Nutritionist (BHSc Nut Med) and a  competitive powerlifter & strongman with 50+ competitions under his belt since 2014.


BNB membership, casual gym visits, coaching sessions, programming and nutrition programs

BNB Shop

BNB sells a range of supplements including Bulk Nutrients whey protein isolate (WPI), BCAA Recovery & pre workouts and more. 

"First time training here with Dave and it was certainly awesome! Top bloke with a heap of valuable experience to pass on, quality session and will definitely be back for more. Good vibe in the gym as well with a lot of positive encourage with other members. Supreme."

Shae J

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