Dave Napper 2004 vs 2014



Group shot from a BNB Strongman competition.

SM 1 (1)

SM 1 (1)

Group shot from a BNB Powerlifting competition.

BNB featured in the local paper.


Brisbane North Barbell (BNB) is owned and operated by Dave Napper and is located in Brendale, QLD, just 5 mins drive from the Bruce Highway or a quick walk from Strathpine train station. BNB specialises in powerlifting and strongman but also caters for strength, conditioning, hypertrophy (muscle gain) and fat loss. BNB welcomes everybody, no matter their age, gender or lifting experience, all I ask is that you be prepared to train hard in order to achieve results!


Contact Us

Brisbane North Barbell

Unit 4, 7 Mackie Way
Brendale, QLD 
Mob: 0458 352 153




The Gym

BNB offers an unrivalled range of powerlifting & strongman equipment including:

  • 6 power racks, 10 Samtek competition combo racks, 6 bench presses, 11 Samtek competition barbells for deadlifts, squat stands, dumbbells 1kg to 70kg and kettlebells 8kg to 52kg.

  • 26 Samtek competition barbells and 5000+kg of weight plates.

  • 3x Training Platforms each with Samtek combo racks, Samtek barbells and Samtek Calibrated plates. 

  • Speciality bars: Again Faster 20kg Team Barbells, 3x Safety squat bar, Buffalo bar, Cambered squat bar, Swiss / football bar and 3 trap bars.

  • Strongman equipment: 8 axel bars, 2 farmers walk handles, 5 yokes, 6 logs, atlas stones 20kg - 185kg, kegs 10kg - 130kg and much more.

  • Freeweights area, mobility equipment and outside space for strongman training & conditioning work. 


For ​more pics of the gym and a full list of current equipment, please see here.


The Owner

BNB is 100% owned and operated by Dave Napper who is qualified Nutritionist (BHSc Nut Med) and a drug-free powerlifter and strongman.


With more than 50 competitions under his belt, Dave's best lifts in Powerlifting Australia competition are 320kg squat, 187.5kg bench press and 331kg deadlift.  


Dave has completed more than 30 courses & workshops covering powerlifting, strongman, boxing, kettlebells, cupping and mobility. 


For a full list of Dave's qualifications and competition experience, please see here



Casual gym visit: $10. First visit is free but please contact us before you visit. 


Membership: $25 per week. No contracts or joining fees. 24/7 access available to approved members.


Personal training/coaching: From $50 per session, no gym membership required.

Online programming/coaching: From $10 per week.


Nutrition program: $200.


For a full list of BNB services, please see here


BNB Shop

BNB sells a range of supplements including Bulk Nutrients whey protein isolate (WPI), amino acids & pre workouts and Recov Bipeptides. 


WPI - 1kg for $40, 10 flavours available.


WPI - 3kg for $100, 10 flavours available.


Preworkout - $35.


Creatine Monohydrate - $10.


BCAA Recovery Intraworkout - $30.


Recov Bipeptides - 150 tab for $100 or 360 tab for $170.


For full range of supplements available, please see here